Expand Star Trek Attack Wing Miniatures with Wave 0 Ships (part 2)

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As per the previous blogfans of Star Trek Attack Wing Miniatures can expand this game with more ships. In this blog we’ll be looking at the Romulan and Dominion Ally ships as part of the Wave 0 expansion release. These ships allow even more variation in the game play with each of these empires having their own unique technologies to try and give them advantage.  While the Cardassian and Breen can be used as allies as they were with the Dominion in Deep Space Nine, there is no reason why they cannot be used separately in other battles or even link up with one of the other empires.

  • IRW Valdore available from Board Game ExtrasI.R.W Valdore Pack – is a  Romulan Valdore-type warbird with a powerful array of attacking options. It featured assisting the USS Enterprise in Star Trek Next Generation when Captain Picard and his crew had to stop Shinzon of Remus from eliminating life on Earth. Available to buy here
  • RIS Apnex available from Board Game ExtrasR.I.S Apnex Pack – is a Romulan science vessel that was used, as featured on Next Generation series, to test a new type of cloaking device involving an interphase generator. This making this starship potentially deadly in battle in being able to sneak up on enemy ships. Plus impressive firepower with Plasma Torpedoes and shields using Polaron Deflectors to protect against attack once uncloaked.  Available to buy here
  • Kraxon Pack available from Board Game ExtrasKraxon Pack – is a Cardissan Galor-class crusier used by the Cardassian military, as often featured in Deep Space 9 captained by Gul Dukat. It’s a very effective attacking ship with a wide forward firing arc, this giving it plenty of options to attack from advantageous positions. Plus has high tech upgrades with EM Pulse and Antiproton Scan allowing it to weaken enemy ships and target them when they may otherwise been too elusive to hit. Although it can be found to be not as manoeuvrable as many of the other ships are. Available to buy here
  • Gor Portas available from Board Game ExtrasGor Portas Pack – is a Breen battlecrusier as featured in Deep Space 9 captained by Thot Shanh. When the Breen allied themselves with the Dominion, this mighty warship caused the Federation and other empires in the Dominion War many problems in battle with its energy dampening weapons and Type-3 Disruptors. Available to buy here

How will you fair in battle when against friends? Remember no falling out, only a game!

Note the original starter set is required to play this game, where there is a special offer mentioned involving the Kraxon Pack.


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