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Stars Wars X-Wing Miniatures Expansion PacksFor those that enjoy playing Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures expand the fighter ships with Wave 1 expansion packs. These enable you to expand the gameplay with new ships, upgrade cards and ways to customise your squads with pilots, weapons, shields, new manoeuvres and other features. This allowing you to have even more fun when playing with friends. Whereby these extra ships can either be controlled by 1 player on each side, or players can team up controlling one or more ships each, thus allowing more people to join the action.

There are 4 packs in the Wave 1 expansion each with their own unique abilities and key features:

  • Star Wars X-Wing Fighter available from Board Game ExtrasX-Wing Fighter – the primary star fighter of the Rebellion, featuring powerful deflector shields, formidable laser cannons and deadly proton torpedoes. They’re not as manoeuvrable as the Imperial Tie Fighters; however they have superior defensive capabilities and can be deadly with the right pilots at the helm! Just as well this pack includes one of the most distinguished experienced pilots in the Rebellion fleet, Wedge Antilles (features in Battle of Yavin & of Endor). He can easily out-fox his enemies and gain superior fighting positions. There are also 3 other pilots included and options to build the squadron you require for missions.
  • Star Wars Y-Wing Fighter available from Board Game ExtrasY-Wing Fighter – a predecessor to the X-Wing, still in use by the Rebellion, makes up for not being as fast or manoeuvrable with superior armament, armour and shielding. They also have an ion cannon that is able to disarm enemy ships without destroying them, useful for when needing to capture the enemy to gather intelligence on them! This pack includes the crack shot Rebel squadron leader Horton Salm (features in the Battle of Endor) and three additional pilots.
  • Star Wars Tie Fighter available from Board Game ExtrasTie Fighter – these iconic fighters of the Empire are often employed in mass numbers to overwhelm the Rebel pilots, even the best of them. Their firepower on their own in no way matches an X-Wing fighter, however in numbers they are to be feared, benefiting from the sheer speed and strength when combining together. Although you still need to take care when in numbers as they have no shields to protect themselves against the firepower of the X-Wings! This pack includes the very dangerous and sneaky Imperial pilot, Backstabber (features as one of Darth Vader’s wingmen in the Battle of Yavin) and 5 other pilots.
  • Star Wars Tie Advanced Fighter available from Board Game ExtrasTie Advanced Fighter –these are a similar style to the normal Tie Fighters with upgrades on shielding and superior weapons like the lethal cluster and concussion missiles. They’re only piloted by experienced pilots due to the limitation in numbers of these being produced. For fans of Darth Vader, who happens to be one of the most skilled pilots there is, you can pilot as him. You’ll be able to outperform other pilots by being able to perform multiple actions in the same time they take just to perform one! There are also 3 additional pilots included in this pack.

Each expansion pack includes the necessary pilots, tokens, dials required to play these fighters with the original game. They’re each purchased separately so you can just buy your favourite ones – available here

Alernatively if you would like all 4 we have a special offer here

Note a copy of the original game is required.


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