Expand Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures with Wave 2 Ships

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Star Wars Wave 2 Ships available from Board Game ExtrasHere we take a look at the 2nd wave of ships released for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures. There is no need to have any of the ships from Wave 1 to make use of these.  Here in Wave 2 we see two bigger ships come into play as well two more fighters. These ships enable you to expand the gameplay with not just with new ships but different upgrade cards and ways to customise your squads with pilots, weapons, shields, new manoeuvres and other features. This allowing you to have even more fun when playing with friends. Whereby these extra ships can either be controlled by 1 player on each side, or players can team up controlling one or more ships each, thus allowing more people to join the action.Star Wars Millennium Falcon available from Board Game Extras

There are 4 packs in the Wave 2 expansion each with their own unique abilities and key features:

  • Millennium Falcon – fly the legendary Millennium Falcon and be Han Solo as you blast through hyperspace! Also introduces Chewie, Lando, Nien Numb and other characters from the Star Wars films.Star Wars X-Wing – Slave I Expansion
  • Slave 1 (Firespray 31) – be the infamous and most feared bounty hunter Boba Fett. This ship allows players to take advantage of its versatile firepower, heavy armour plating and some deadly upgrades like seismic charges and proximity mines.
  • Star Wars X-Wing – A-Wing ExpansionA-Wing – theses little interceptor ships you would have seen crippling Star Destroyers during the Battle of Endor. They have great manoeuvrability making them ideal for dogfights across the galaxy.
  • Star Wars X-Wing – TIE InterceptorTIE Interceptor – not to be outdone by the rebels, Imperial players can also fight back in dogfights with their own highly manoeuvrable ships that have lethal firepower.

Each expansion pack introduces new unique missions and includes the necessary pilots, tokens, dials required to play these fighters with the original game. They can each be purchased separately so you can just buy your favourite ones – available here

Or you can buy all 4 with our special offer here

Note a copy of the original game is required.


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