Pandemic In The Lab available from Board Game ExtrasExpand the Pandemic board game with new biotechnology labs where you as scientists race against time sealed behind bio-hazard doors to sequence diseases and test cures. This is the 2nd expansion pack where you can play this game in new ways either on your own or as rival teams with 4 or 6 players.

Pandemic In The Lab Field DirectorThe expansion introduces 4 new roles – Field Director, Local Liasion, Pilot, Virologist plus 3 new eventsPandemic In The Lab Event Card in addition to those already in the original game. The gameplay is focused around the Lab challenge where each time a player looks to treat a disease in a city, a disease cube is sent to take a sample. Once back in the lab, players at research stations can spend lab actions to process them, characterise and sequence a disease to test a cure. A disease is fully sequenced once its sequence card is filled with matching cubes by discarding 3 cards (instead of 5 as in the original game) of the same colour. The Scientist however only needs to discard 2 cards. At any one time up to 2 different cures can be worked in the upper and lower research lines on the right side of the board.

Pandemic In The Lab board layout

The game will either end in a loss due to time running out or when a player wins by either finding all 4 cures or achieving a total of 3 cures and eradications. In the team scenario the goal cards are then revealed and the points are totalled to see which team has won.

Pandemic In The Lab On The Brink virulent stream cardYou can also extend the gameplay of the 1st expansion pack – On The Brink challenges with:

  • New Virulent Strain Events – 2 new cards are provided to increase the variety of effects within that challenge.
  • Worldwide Panic Mutation scenario – adds to the mutation challenge by kicking in at the start of the game whereas it previously slowly grew whilst players attended to the 4 standard diseases before then kicking in.

This expansion does require the Pandemic game and the On The Brink expansion so that you have enough event cards, as well as extending those 2 challenges. The average playing time is 45 mins and for ages 13 upwards. There is certainly enough variation to this expansion to keep you busy in playing this expansion many times over!

Do you have what it takes to work under pressure and save humanity? Available to buy here


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2 Responses to Pandemic In The Lab

  1. NNVa says:

    “This expansion does require the Pamdemic game and the On the Brink Expansion so that you have enough event cards”?

    Are you taking about just those pieces parts that were included exclusively for On the Brink or the Lab Challenge or both?

    The problem with this box is it is two expansions, one for the base game 2013, one for the first expansion.
    For those of us that just purchased the 2013 copy and wish to switch out the 5/4 card cure with the lab, two-four player game only, it is very confusing as to what is needed.

    It is a shame if the Lab Challenge is standalone that it just wasn’t included in the new 2013 edition. As it is, if it is just missing a few event cards from OtB, would be nice if Z-Man offered them for sale, as they do the new decks, required for the older edition of the game so it can use this expansion.

    I guess the question is, are there event cards in the first expansion OtB that are required for the Lab Challenge?

  2. andrew says:

    Thank you for your question,
    With out on the Brink
    You can only play the game with 4 players (so cannot play the game with 5 or more players)

    The worldwide panic mutation scenario can’t be played due to a lack of 12 purple cubes and more importantly the mutation event cards.

    Also the in the lab challenge cannot be combined with the mutation or virulent strain challenges as these require the relevant on the brink mutation cards.

    As to why they didn’t include it with the new 2013 edition, that’s a question you would have to ask Z-Man games.



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