Lords of the Waterdeep Board Game

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Lords of Waterdeep board game available from Board Game ExtrasLords of the Waterdeep is a strategy board game where you and friends become Lords of the Waterdeep city and compete with each other for control of this great city. The Waterdeep city is considered the most resplendent jewel in the Forgotten Realms however it is also known for its political trickery and shady back-alley dealings.

The Lords form part of a secret council that ruled Waterdeep for centuries. In public their identity is not known, always masking themselves and disguising any details that would otherwise give their identity away. They come from all forms of society – merchants, nobles, wizards and common labourers – which one will you be? Waterdeep Lord

Whilst playing the game these identities are kept hidden and are represented by cards that are shown at the end of the game, when the final scoring occurs. Each Lord has a personal agenda with bonus VP awards when completing specific objectives. There are also treasures and resources ready for the taking, whether by trickery and negotiation or, if it comes to it, by force!

You will control agents to recruit adventurers to go on quests to earn rewards and increase your influence over the city. You will be able to purchase new buildings to expand the city. In doing so this will open new actions, Intrigue Cards, on the board that will either hinder or help the other Lords you’re competing with for control of the city. Thus your best laid plans may not go the way you want them to and may require a plan b at least.

The game is for 2 to 5 players with playing time up to 1 hour. Do you have what it takes to take control of this great city? Available to buy here

Lords of Waterdeep mini meeplesIf you would prefer to play the game with mini meeples there is a special offer available when buying both as well.


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