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Quarantine Board Game review by Board Game ExtrasFor those that love playing tile laying games and are familiar with the PC games “Theme Hospital”, “Hospital Tycoon” and other similar games you’re going to like Quarantine.

Quarantine is a tile laying strategy game where up to 4 players compete to build the biggest and most efficient hospital. Players have to try and keep ahead of the medical game with regular stream of incoming patients. You must be able to introduce new special rooms and abilities at the right time for special case treatments whilst also being able to contain highly infectious patients – watch out for the “Graysles” disease. That, the latter, would otherwise lead to entire wards being shut down under quarantine!Quarantine Emergency Room & HeliPad Tiles

Each player starts the game with an entrance and lobby then has to acquire tiles to expand their hospital. This game introduces a novel “Price-Drafting” mechanic – where players set a price for the tiles that want but other players can buy them first. This requires good pricing of your services to supply your hospital whilst avoiding overpaying and leaving yourself short later on.

Quarantine Patients & Action MarkersOnce you have cured patients, these then act as currency for when buying tiles. So at all times you will need to take into account the capabilities of your hospital to be able to cure patients to maintain your buying power. To then be able to continue in expanding the hospital’s capabilities and not fall behind or have an outbreak leading to lose of income with wards shutdown. Almost a double edge sword there that will make it a tricky challenge to get the medical balance right!

Quarantine Pathology & Containment TilesThere are over fifty tiles available plus two each of 14 different “special room” tiles. This allowing you to play the game many times with no one game being the same, as each time the hospitals you build will end up being built differently. This extending the fun and gameplay of this game with friends. Each game takes up to 60 mins to play.

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mini_meeplesIf you would prefer to use Meeples instead of Markers for Patients check out our Mini Meeples – ideal for when playing Quarantine


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