Review of Euphoria Board Game

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This is a worker placement game for 2 to 4 players, which is set in a future dystopia. The aim of the
game is to get your ten victory stars (authority tokens) on the board before your opponents do. You
control a set of workers (dice) with the help of recruits (cards) these recruits are from one of four
factions and will give you a bonus to help you reach your goal. You start with one recruit but can gain at
least one more as the game progresses. In this Dystopia you want happy stupid workers, so you will
need to be careful balancing your workforce. Your turn mostly consists of placing a worker or pulling
back your workers. When you get your workers back you roll them, if the total rolled is equal to or
higher than your counter on the knowledge track then one of your workers will cotton on to what’s
going on around him and leave you. There is also a morale track which represents your artefact card
hand size. The artefact cards are used to place some of your victory tokens. You collect resources and
spend them to achieve goals or build markets. If you fail to input any resources to help with a build, you
will get a forfeit and some of them are quite nasty. When building there are not enough places for all
the players to be in on completing it, so at least one player is going to have the forfeit and as you can
put more than one worker on a project, you can make more than one person suffer. There are a good
number of places you can place your victory tokens, so this is a great game for those who love to use
clever tactics.

This is a very clever game that seems to have gone un-noticed by most Stonemaier fans. The game does
look complicated and when you try to explain it sounds complicated, but once you start playing it, it
does make sense quite quickly. I have introduced a good number of people to this game and most of
them enjoyed it thoroughly and a good number of those went and bought a copy right away. This is one
that is well worth getting for your shelf.
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