Terraforming Mars: Prelude Expansion

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As the mega corporations are getting ready to start the terraforming process, you now have the chance to make those early choices that will come to define your corporation and set the course for the future history of Mars – this is the prelude to your greatest endeavors!

Terraforming Mars: Prelude is a small expansion that lets you kickstart your terraforming! It focuses on the early stages of Mars colonization and tells the background story of the corporations.  As well as 5 new corporations there are 7 project cards that thematically fit the early stage of terraforming.  However, the main part that gives the expansion its name is the 35 prelude cards which open up powerful starting combos and increases player asymmetry so not everyone is trying to do the same thing at once.

Some example prelude cards are

ORBITAL CONSTRUCTION YARD: Increase your Titanium production 1 step. Gain 4 titanium.

GALILEAN MINING: Gives the player two starting titanium production, but the player gives up five megacredits.

DONATION: Gives the player 21 megacredits

GREAT AQUIFIER: Place two ocean tiles.

SUPPLY DROP: Gain 3 titanium, 8 steel, and 3 plants.


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