Carcassonne Expansion 8

Carcassonne Expansion 8 Bridges, Castles & Bazaars

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Carcassonne Expansion 8The eighth expansion for Carcassonne, Bridges, Castles & Bazaars allows players three new options while playing:

Bridges may be used to continue a road over a field tile, thereby allowing an incomplete road to technically run into a field segment. They are otherwise treated and scored just like roads.
Castle tokens are placed atop 2-segment cities and allow players a chance to cash-in on the next completed adjacent feature.
Bazaars are a new type of tile that allows players to auction off tiles in exchange for points

The road ends abruptly at the edge of a grass field. A rushing river splits the field in two, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to cross it. You pull out your tools and start to build a bridge, determined to cross to the other side and continue your journey.

Building a castle and planning ahead for the future of the realm can get you more points—after all, a castle is only as valuable as its surroundings. After transforming a city into a castle, claim the points from the next neighbouring feature to score.

When you play a bazaar tile, you must host an auction. Draw tiles equal to the number of players. Players then have the opportunity to bid points to try and claim the most advantageous tile for themselves. Once a player has claimed a tile, they are out of the auction but can place the tile and score it right away. The auction continues and the remaining players bid to claim the next advantageous tile until all players have claimed a tile.

Connect blocked paths, transform small cities, and bid on tiles in the eighth expansion, Bridges, Castles & Bazaars. Will you build the castle and take the gamble to score more? Available here.