Android: Mainframe

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Android Mainframe Board Game Run fast, score big. Android: Mainframe is a fast paced game of futuristic crime and cyber domination for two to four players.

In Android: Mainframe, you and up to three opponents become elite cybercriminals known as runners who are capable of hacking through corporate servers with ease. When the mainframe and fortunes at Titan Transnational Bank are suddenly compromised, it’s time for you to work. However, you quickly realise that you’re not the only runner who has been alerted to Titan’s woes, which means you’re not the only runner in Titan’s servers looking to extract cash and data. It’s time to show your competitors what you can do. Execute your programs, establish access points and partitions and seize control of the mainframe.

It’s one thing to slice and weave through corporate security. It’s another thing entirely to out-hack rival runners. Can you do it? You and your friends compete for control of Titan’s various nodes. Establish your access points, reroute data pathways and secure as many of Titan’s nodes as you can. In the end, the runner with the biggest haul wins!android mainframe board

Easy to learn and hard to master. Android: Mainframe typically plays in less than half an hour, and its six different identities provide six distinct approaches to the challenges of accessing and securing Titan’s vulnerable accounts. With more than ninety partitions and a total of 75 programs, Android: Mainframe is a thrilling, high powered trip into the future of cyber-crime! Available here.

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