Firefly Pirates and Bounty Hunters Expansion

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Firefly Pirates & Bounty Hunters Expansion available from Board Game ExtrasPirates and Bounty Hunters come to the Verse in the first full expansion pack for the Firefly board game. Be warned it brings some aggressive player interaction, as you may expect with piracy, in being able to board other players’ ships, steal their cargo, take out their crew etc. As well as hunting down wanted fugitives to collect bounties.  Not for the light hearted! The cards and components in this expansion are marked with the skull and crossed rifles symbol so can easily be removed for when wanting to reduce player conflict.

Those up for a bit more mischief and causing havoc with friends then this expansion is for you. The expansion introduces the following in to the gameplay:

  • Piracy Jobs – allows players to raid each other’s ships, make off with their cargo, contraband, fuel and parts.
  • Bounty Cards – the Verse unfortunately is full of criminals on the run, however the upside is you can earn bounties by bringing these fugitives in.
  • New Ship Cards – 2 new ships are included – the S.S Walden and the Interceptor. Each ship has their own unique drive core, which means they cannot be swapped out for sale round the Verse (unlike other ships). The S.S. Walden is a cargo ship with plenty of capacity, ideal for pirates. However it’s not as fast as the Interceptor, which is better suited to capturing fugitives. Something to bear in mind when choosing these ships as to the type of strategy you’re likely to play.
  • New Ship Upgrades – like mag-grappler launchers and space suits for boarding ships
  • New Leaders – you’re able to choose from 2 new leaders who specialise in anti-social strategies!
  • New Lawmen – you’ll be able to hire lawmen to help track down fugitives.
  • New Story Cards – to introduce new stories to mix up the gameplay when playing with friends.

The gameplay follows the main rulebook along with these added features and is won by the first player to complete the story goals.

Ready to take on being pirates and bounty hunters? Available here

Note this expansion does require the original game


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