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Dixit Jinx card game available from Board Game ExtrasA new game to the Dixit family, Dixit Jinx brings a new way to storytelling in this card game. First off the drawings are very different to the original Dixit game – no longer realistic illustrations depicting scenes instead images somewhere between abstraction and figuration (by a French artist Dominique Ehrhard).  This game will require even more of your imagination to play as well as good communication skills. The gameplay is otherwise similar, however at a much faster pace.

9 image cards are drawn by players and placed in a square. There are Position cards that indicate these images within the square. The storyteller shuffles these Position cards face-down then draws one without showing it to the other players. The storyteller then gives a clue (a word, sentence or gesture) that is related to the image.Dixit Jinx card game contents

It is then the job of the other players to find this card as quickly as possible by placing there index finger on one of the 9 image cards. Once done the player can no longer change their minds and only one finger per card. If 2 or more players go for the same card, the first one to shout “Jinx” leaves their finger on the card. The other players then have to choose another image card.

The storyteller then confirms each time a finger is placed on an image card (post Jinx if shouted) as to whether it is the right card or not. Once the right image card has been found, the current game turn ends and starts again with a new storyteller. The player that picks the right card then gets to keep that card. However if they then pick in error in another turn that card is given to the storyteller. Each card is worth a victory point and whoever has the most victory points at the end of the game wins. The game ends once all the cards have been used.

The game is for 3 to 6 players (from ages 8 upwards), the more players the better, and the gameplays averages 15 mins. Are you ready to unleash your imagination? Available to buy here


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