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The Rivals for Catan Age of Darkness Expansion available from Board Game ExtrasFor the updated Catan card game – The Rivals for Catan there are expansion packs available to extend the gameplay and the fun!! Firstly is the Age of Darkness expansion followed by the Age of Enlightenment expansion as follows:

Age of Darkness

This is a 90 card expansion and introduces 3 new separate themes to be used with the base game (cannot be used without it) to introduce new elements of gameplay:

  • The Era of Intrigue – here you will determine Catan’s spiritual balance and try to end the conflict between followers of new and old beliefs. Watch out for Religious Dispute that will cause both players to lose cards; Churches and Temples can help minimise losses.  The Temple cards strengthen your access to your own draw stacks. The Church cards attract opposing heroes and earn gold. By using a Church and a Temple you can build the Great Thing stead to end the conflict – good luck!!
  • The Era of Merchant Princes – here you will control Catan’s commerce via using the Commercial Harbour and the Merchant’s Residences. These are decisive buildings in the struggle for trade advantage. Trade ships will play a key part and can be enhanced via Maritime Trade Monopolies and the Master Merchants. The cost of building ships can be reduced via the Shipbuilder. You will need to strategically dominate trade via good use of card combinations if you are to win!
  • The Era of Barbarians – here you will be fending off a barbarian invasion via the use of Castles, Border Fortresses, the Strategist, the Caravel, and new heroes. Whilst also fending each other off from dominating each other’s holdings. Not going to be easy!!

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The Rivals for Catan Age of Enlightment Expansion available from Board Game ExtrasAge of Enlightenment

This is a 125 card expansion and introduces 3 new separate themes to be used with the base game (cannot be used without it) to further add new elements of gameplay:

  • The Era of Explorers – time to discover new lands and set sail from Catan. Your explorer harbour will serve as the starting point for the game where you will be able to explore nine adjacent sea cards. However pirates, islanders and shipwrecks await across the waters. You will be embarking on missions and Ship tokens will chart your position. To win you will need to be the most skilled and fearless sailor!
  • The Era of Sages – will require wisdom of the many and varied sages to be able to influence events in your favour. You will be fending off famines, deflecting attacks whilst trying to promote peace. To win you will need to balance prudence, power, foresight, and vigilance in your struggle for Catan – good luck!!
  • The Era of Prosperity – will you become good prince and govern wisely otherwise discontent will spread and doom your province. To raise content among your people you will need to build schools, a hospital and promote the arts. This will also help spur expansion and allow you to prosper!

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