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7 Wonders Leaders Expansion available from Board Game ExtrasFor fans of the 7 Wonders Board Game there are expansion packs to extend the playability, adding new strategic elements and increasing the fun whilst playing with friends. First up is:


This is the 1st expansion for 7 Wonders and introduces Leaders in to the gameplay, adding personalities that offer various advantages. For example in helping to build certain structures at a reduced cost or allowing you to gain more victory points. At the start of the game each player is given 4 Leaders (cards) and can play one of them at the start of each of the 3 Ages. Bear in mind, though, the leaders cost money instead of resources (like the standard cards).

7 Wonders Leaders Cards

A new Wonder is also introduced – the ancient city of Rome – will you take on the challenge to build this mighty ancient civilisation? Available to buy here


7 Wonders Cities Expansion available from Board Game ExtrasCities

This is the 2nd expansion for 7 Wonders and introduces new elements to your cities – mercenaries, thieves, spies and diplomats. Here you can use them to wreak havoc with your fellow players and push them towards debt. As well as form alliances, but this is not to say that secrets won’t be betrayed, so be warned!!

This expansion includes optional team rules, where you can play with up to 8 players (normally up to 7 player game) divided in to teams. Where for each team the players would sit next to each to be able to converse and choose their strategy going forward in the cards they play each turn.

Also introduced are:

  • 7 Wonders Cities Card2 new wonders – Petras and Byzantium
  • New leaders – used when also playing the Leaders expansion (this means the Cities expansion can be played with just 7 Wonders board game only or with the Leaders expansion as well)
  • New guilds
  • New black cards that extend the game by an extra round per age.

Intrigued? Available to buy here


7 Wonders Wonder Pack available from Board Game ExtrasWonder Pack

This introduces 4 new wonders to liven up the gameplay with new strategic elements:

  • The Great Wall of China – with the player playing this Wonder being able to build the stages of the Wall in any order (with it being horizontal and going on for miles)
  • Stonehenge – requires quite a bit of stone to construct
  • Abu Simbel – bury and mummify leaders to score bonus points (nice!)
  • Manneken Pis – gives more money at the start of the game but no resources. Instead one side of this Wonder card allows the player to copy specific levels found on neighbouring Wonder cards. Whilst the other side consists of a single level requiring one of each resource for a huge payoff in power, points and money.

Would you like to extend the gameplay of this great game? Available to buy here

Please note that a copy of the main 7 Wonders board game is needed to play these extensions. You may also want to protect the cards with sleeves allowing one of your favourite games to last longer.

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