Catan Explorers & Pirates

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Catan Explorers & Pirates Expansion available from Board Game ExtrasThe 4th expansion for the Settlers of Catan board gameExplorers and Pirates – time to take to the sea and set out to uncharted areas to build new outposts. As well as along the way build new trade with ships carrying settlers, cargo and adventurers, battle pirates, acquire spices and locate the grand banks of Catanian fish! Sounds exciting!!

There are 5 scenarios with 3 missions, as you work through playing the different scenarios more features and missions are introduced allowing you to learn the full game as you work through them. This allowing you to also mix and match to keep the game interesting and challenging when playing with friends:Catan Explorers & Pirates board layout

  1. Catan Explorers & Pirates OutpostsLand Ho! – explore the seas of Catan and discover 2 new islands to expand your settlements. Once you’ve discovered an island, you will need to ferry settlers from one island to another and colonise the lands. (Introductory Scenario)
  2. Catan Explorers & Pirates ShipsPirate Lairs! – pirates are prowling the seas distributing trading vessels. Will you pay them tribute or drive them off? There are rewards too in finding and capturing their lairs to earn gold and Victory Points! (One Mission Scenario)
  3. Catan Explorers & Pirates ShoalFish For Catan! – there is a food shortage and the Council of Catan are offering rewards for catching fish to help feed the people on the island. However there are pirates lurking in the sea, demanding gold and also after catching fish themselves. Who can find the shoals of fish first? The Council are also offering rewards to capture pirates, will you take the risk? (Two Mission Scenario)
  4. Catan Explorers & Pirates Spice LandSpices For Catan! – as above scenario with also finding spices for the people of Catan! To do this, you will need to become friends with the mysterious inhabitants of the Spice Islands. They in return will trade you spices and you will have the opportunity to learn their knowledge of sailing and new techniques to fight pirates. (Two Mission Scenario)
  5. Catan Explorers & Pirates CargoExplorers and Pirates! – this scenario brings together all elements of the above scenarios to create a lengthy and challenging game to play with friends. (Three Mission Scenario)

To play this expansion you will need the Settlers of Catan board game as well. 3-4 players can play from ages 12 up. The game time can vary from short games to the whole evening depending on whether playing one of the more basic scenarios or up to the full scenario.

Ready to explore the seas and take on the Pirates? Available to buy here

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