Heroes of Metrocity

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Heroes of Metrocity Board Game available from Board Game ExtrasThe Heroes of Metrocity board game is an exciting new super hero board game that we have helped fund via Kickstarter (more here). If you like the Dominion board game and like the idea of playing as super heroes then you’ll probably like this game.

It is a super powered deck building game for 2 to 4 players that includes fast paced action adventure and role playing. Each player represents a super-powered Hero of their own design who must stop their Archenemy’s from destroying Metro City. There are of course villains and minions lead by the Archenemy to try and stop you succeeding.

Heroes of Metrocity Energy CardThere are 4 types of cards used in the game:

  • Enemy – when defeated, can be added to a player’s deck to provide more Plot points to buy cards
  • Energy – is the resource used to play Power cards
  • Plot – is the currency used to buy new cards.
  • Power – allow players to attack enemies, draw cards, change dice rolls, etc.

You each start the game with Plot and Energy cards. You can then use the Plot cards to buy additional Energy or Power cards to design your own superhero. It should be noted that the turn order determines how many points a player has to spend, with players later in the turn order receiving more points. Before starting you will also need to name your hero in relation to an energy card and have it listed on the Hero Placard. This will allow you to claim bonus cards as the game goes on when playing the applicable energy card.

Heroes of Metrocity PlacardAlso at the start of each game an Archenemy is selected, this can make each game unique adding hours of fun when playing with friends, as they each have their own destructive powers that alter the gameplay. There will be a deck of cards for the Archenemy along with Villain and Minion deck of cards.

During the gameplay, each turn kicks off with an Activate Powers phase, whereby a player starts by playing their Energy and Power cards. Each player then evaluates the effects of damage, card drawing, dice altering and other such effects.

Heroes of Metrocity Villian CardNext is the Fight Enemies phase, a player’s damage output is applied to the most powerful of the three available adversaries that they can defeat. If it defeats the Archenemy, then the city is saved! That particular hero player has won the game. If it defeats the Villain or Minion, ideally the Villain since they are more powerful, the defeated enemy card is either added to the player’s hand or removed from the game. When added, this allows the player to use this enemy card as a Plot card to purchase other cards.

Once the fighting has taken place, the Story Development phase kicks in where each player can purchase one new Power or Energy card by using their Plot cards.

However if you don’t have it all your own way, as then comes the City Destruction phase, where your enemies can strike back. A one 12-sided die is rolled for each surviving enemy. If a target number is equalled or exceeded, that enemy’s attack is prevented. (The target number is determined by the number of players and the particular enemy in question). Otherwise the enemy executes its Destruction Power, which can force the discard of a player’s card, discard one of the cards that can be drawn from the game or have another effect on the game.

Be aware when it is not possible to undertake the Archenemy’s Destruction Power, then the Archenemy wins as they have destroyed too much of the city, thus defeating the heroes in the process.

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