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assassinconIt is convention time for Assaissins.  Just as board gamers meet up at games conventions, assassins meet up at conventions to show off tools and skills and decide who is the best in the world!

AssassinCon uses an interesting hidden movement mechanism to capture the atmosphere of an event in which anybody could be out to get you. A player knows who their assassin is in real life, but not who they are playing in the game. They move around by secretly playing movement cards that are all shuffled together before being read and played.

The goal is to catch your target while evading your assassin. Points are scored for successfully assassinating a player, identifying your would-be killer, or scaring players into making mistakes as a ghost from beyond the grave, so even dead players are still in on the action!

In this game, you are given a random identity and given a deck that matches the colour of one of the assassins on the game board. Your target is the player either to your left or your right. You are given the identity of your target, but you have no clue which character is hunting you. During each round, players simultaneously move using cards that move them through one of three doors available in each room. After everyone has moved, if you’re character ends up next to your target… they’re dead and you score a point! If before the end of each round you think you know you is hunting you, you can stop the game and point them out, if you are correct the assassicon board gameround is over and you accumulate all of the points the person who was hunting you may have had in that round. You repeat this for each round until someone gets 5 points and that means they have won the game.

AssassinCon can be played with between 4-6 players aged 12 or older in an estimated time play of 30-40 minutes. Can you safely navigate the treacherous crowds of the most dangerous AssassinCon yet? Available here.
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