Bootleggers Boardwalk Expansion

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Bootleggers Boardwalk Expansion available from Board Game ExtrasAre you ready to extend your Bootleggers board game? Set in the thick of the prohibition mayhem era, making and running moonshine has become dangerous business, for some maybe even too dangerous! However there is now another option available to gangsters to leave behind the backwoods stills and midnight races against the G-Men. This expansion introduces a much more “civilised” option available to gangsters once they have made enough money in a speakeasy. They can redevelop it into an upscale casino and attract a classier customer base as well!Redevelop Speakeasy into Casino on Boardwalk

This allowing the gangster to abandon their trucks and stills to go full time in operating the casino for the rest of the game. New action cards are introduced to add new thugs to the gameplay elements to liven things up when playing with friends. Otherwise for the main game the rules are pretty much the same as the original ones are with just minor enhancements to integrate the casinos in the game play.Bootleggers Boardwalk Expansion Cards

This expansion also introduces new rules for a 2 player game, whereas the original is for 3 to 6 players.

Are you ready to take on the limelight and manage casinos? Available to buy here

(The original game is required and there is a double delight offer available if you don’t yet own this board game.)


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