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Choose One Board Game available from Board Game ExtrasChoose One is from the makers of the Fluxx game – Looney Labs. It is an ideal quick game for parties, where you get the chance to learn things about your friends that you never thought to ask (could be a good or bad thing not sure …) . It’s the moment of truth.  Will your friend choose Outer Space, or The Bottom of the Sea? Do they prefer the Window or the Aisle?  Are they all about the Party, or the After-Party?  Can you successfully predict how your friends will answer thought-provoking questions like these and advance your token to the finish line!

To kick off the game, each player chooses one of the 10 tokens available – quite a selection from rocketships to hotdogs! These are placed on the starting position of the board to then keep track of people’s points. Each player takes 2 Choice cards, one white, one blue, to distinguish answers during the game. For each turn a different player acts as being a Chooser and draws a card from the Topic pile.Choose One Board Game Items

These Topic cards show pairings in white and blue relating to 2 choices (likes the ones mentioned in the first paragraph). Everyone else lays down what they think the Chooser will pick, not necessarily what you think the right answer should be. Then at the same time everyone flips their card. Those that guessed correctly get a point, however there is a Looney Lab twist that if everyone guesses correctly then no one scores. Thus there must always be at least one person wrong for others to score points. If no one guesses correctly then the Chooser gets 2 points.

The first to 11 points reaches the Winner’s Circle and wins the game. This game is for 3 to 10 players, ages 14+ and takes 20 to 40 mins to play. There are 300 topic cards to keep the games different each time with a wide range of questions, helping to break the ice at parties!

How well do you know your friends? Available to buy here

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