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Walk The Plank Pirate Card Game available from Board Game ExtrasA prequel of sorts to the Get Bit game by Mayday Games – in Walk the Plank this is a card game with a pirate theme – ahoy my matey! (Sorry couldn’t resist it). It smashed its target on kickstarter earlier this year. The game centres around not the brightest of pirates and the captain has decided he has had enough. He decides to keep just 2 of his pirates and get rid of the rest as not worth the rum or the loot he pays them. However it is up yourselves as players to decide which of you will go. Each player will be attempting to push and shove other pirates of the plank to their doom whilst trying to safeguard themselves in the process, tricky!Walk The Plank Pirates

Each player receives 10 cards that have actions on them, where these are predominately around shoving pirates, retracting or extending the plank. For each round players choose 3 cards they want to play. These are placed face down so other players cannot yet see them. They then take turns revealing and playing those actions one by one, which may or may not fit within your best laid plans. For example if you’ve been deliberately surrounding yourself with best mates from your crew thinking that will help safeguard you, maybe not! There is still the potential, depending on the cards played, to be shoved off the plank, so watch out! There are also cards that can help rescue you from being shoved off the plank – good luck! Walk The Plank Pirate Card Layout

Walk The Plank Pirate Card Game Once a round has been played, the players pick up their action cards they previously played to then start the next round. However where there are cards with skulls on them, these are powerful cards that remain on the table the round after they’re played. So cannot be collected until the round afterwards. When pirates are shoved off the plank they meet their doom in the form of Davy Jones’ locker, a sea monster that loves eating pirates for dinner, nice!

The game ends as soon as there are 2 or fewer pirates remaining on the board, the owner or owners of these pirates win. Well not always, as sometimes every pirate can end up in the sea – meaning no winners this time around. It’s for 3 to 5 players and ideal when looking to play quick fun games of around 20 mins.

Intrigued? Watch this short video from the kickstarter project

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