Secrets of the Order Expansion for Arkham Horror 3rd Edition

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This expansion comes with; 2 Neighborhood tiles, 2 Threshold Tiles (Hidden Path and Derelict Portal/Bridge), 1 Mystery Tile, 1 Anomaly Token, 4 Investigator sheets (with matching tokens and plastic bases), 3 Scenario Sheets, 4 Headline Cards, 45 Achive Cards, 12 Anomaly Cards, 80 Event Cards, 54 Encounter Cards, 20 Monster Cards, 6 Condition Cards, 7 Asset Cards, 12 Starting Cards, 18 Special Cards, 2 Marker Tokens, 20 focus Tokens
Now, thats a lot for your money, as well as a lot to make your game so
Much more than it was. with all those extra event cards your game
will be so much more playable as you are less likely to keep getting
the same card come up time after time.Add to that the four new Investigators  including a Pilot and a sailor and the game becomes so much more than it was.  
Making things more interesting some of the monsters have stats which are shrouded.  Not only do you not know at first their attributes, abilites or health but you may find they are actually an ally who could have helped you had you not rushed in to get the first blow!  
With 3 brand new scenarios for yo uto take on, you have to deal with secret cultists, restless spirits and the depths of the Underworld itself.    These take you throughout the older areas of Arkham, Massachusetts.  You may be stopping the Silver Twilight Order from summoning an Ancient One or find you need to protect innocent bystanders from rampaging gugs.
This game and expansions is a must for Arkham lovers and if you have played an earlier version the game play is different enough to be a totaly new game. I can and do highly recomend it.  You can order this at: